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All RNs Now Eligible to Receive COVID-19 Vaccine

Posted 10 months ago

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You may may have already received an invitation from your employer if you work at a hospital or from the Professional Licensing Agency (PLA). At this time, APRNs, RNs, LPNs, and nurse midwives who are currently practicing and having in-person contact with patients in any healthcare setting are eligible to receive the vaccine. Please review the following message from the Indiana Department of Health:

Dec. 28, 2020

A message from the Indiana Department of Health to healthcare staff:

You are now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Please make an appointment here: Please use Firefox or Chrome to schedule on your computer or mobile device. The website will direct you to the right vaccination site for you.

This registration link is for eligible healthcare workers and long-term care residents only at this time due to limited vaccine supply. Please do not forward this message or the registration link other than to share it with your unlicensed staff who have direct in-person contact with patients or infectious material. Please be aware that this is the only notification about vaccine registration your staff will receive at this time.

You may have already received the registration link from your employer if you work at a hospital, long-term care facility or dialysis center. To make an appointment, select the facility where you work or click on “my employer is not listed.” A guide is attached with detailed information about the registration process. The scheduling tool will not allow you to cancel or change your appointment, so please make sure that the date and time you select fits your schedule. If you have a last minute emergency and need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, you must submit a ticket through our online helpdesk portal at

The vaccine has been approved by the FDA for emergency use, and studies have found it safe and effective. Please tell the vaccine provider if you are currently ill or have ever had a severe allergic reaction. It takes two doses for the vaccine to work, so after you receive your first dose, please make your appointment right away to receive your second dose. You will receive a link to make a second appointment for your convenience after you receive your first vaccine, and a few reminders as well, or you may schedule using the link listed above.

The link above will take you to our appointment scheduling portal, where you will then receive a link to register. It is important to complete the registration information prior to your appointment. Please provide correct insurance information. There will be no charge to you, and health insurance is not required.

More information is available at

Yours in health,
Lindsay Weaver, MD, FACEP
Chief Medical Officer
Indiana Department of Health


Ella Harmeyer 9 months ago

Curious if anyone else is having trouble with scheduling? all dates that I click respond with... "no more appts for that day"

Emily Sego 8 months ago

The state is working hard to open up more locations and will be receiving more supply in the coming week. We are hopeful more appointments will open up. Retail pharmacies are also now offering COVID vaccines as of last week. You might try that avenue to see if you can find any appointments.

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