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Cultivating Gratitude Workshop (5/8)


Wednesday, October 27, 2021 at 4:00pm ET - 5:00pm ET

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Gratitude, Kindness, Self Care, Development, Well-Being

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Every day, we’re surrounded by extraordinary people doing exceptional work, displaying tremendous care and kindness to others. But we don’t often have the opportunity to acknowledge those kind acts—we’re too busy, or they’re too busy, or we don’t have a way to tell them we noticed their actions without it seeming awkward. Yet we know from research that expressing gratitude for those kind acts has positive benefits for the person who gives and receives gratitude, and it strengthens connections between them. It can also have a ripple effect on those who witness expressions of gratitude exchanged by others.

For those of us who would like to deepen our gratitude practice, ISNA invites you to learn evidence based resources and explore different gratitude exercises together within our community. Join your peers who are on a similar journey, virtually, for one hour a week ending just before we celebrate Thanksgiving. We look forward to connecting with you through the workshop and to start that ripple of gratitude!

­­­­­Our community of practice is open to ISNA Members who want to explore how they can infuse the benefits of gratitude into their work while also exploring how to spread the spirit of gratitude and appreciation within their organization, family, and friends. In essence, we’re seeking people who would like to be gratitude champions—and receive support from an engaged community of their peers who are on a similar journey.

Our eight week program requires a level of commitment. As part of our worship, we ask that you be willing to commit to regular attendance, so we have consistency of participation and build stronger bonds within our community. We will have light homework between weekly session that will fortify your practice and spread joy.

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